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The Earth is Moving at Currie!

August 15, 2017

We are putting in servicing and roads in Phase 3B adjacent to Trasimene Crescent and are happy to confirm that Crystal Creek will be building single family homes on those 23 lots.  We also have 5 TH sites in that Phase that are actively on the market

New services are going in to the Ramshead and Brad Houses to replace the old gas and hydro lines.  Crews have roughed in the new road behind the houses which will eventually connect the new Tresimino Crescent with future phases to the NW.  When that is done, the existing Tresimene Crescent will become a public pathway closed to vehicle traffic.

On the construction side, we are working on sidewalks, planters and landscaping items on Dieppe Drive and Bishop Way.

We will keep you updated on our progress as it comes.