Currie - New Community

A Higher Quality

A diverse collection of housing, employment, green space, retail, dining and recreational opportunities are all within reach of each other. As life and needs change, Currie is designed to grow with you and accommodate a diverse breadth of people of varying ages, incomes, backgrounds and interests. Residents are empowered, challenged, inspired and energized to live as they’ve always wanted to.

Acres of Land

The best in architecture landscape & design

A thoughtful, holistic urban design approach is carried through every corner of Currie. Particular emphasis has been placed on creating human comfort, a sense of community and architecture and landscaping that’s aesthetically pleasing.


Walkability & Connectivity

A well-planned network of safe narrow streets, sidewalks, pedestrian mews, boulevards and public spaces make walking safe and pleasurable. The 10-minute proximity to essential amenities, job opportunities and public transportation make this an ideal place to be.

Best In Class Schools
Job Opportunities
Urban Dog Park

Green, green and more green

Lush, green landscaping, walking trails and plenty of trees and fresh air are all characteristics of Currie. The master plan over-delivers on City of Calgary green-space requirements. The Glenmore Reservoir and Weaslehead Recreation Area are accessible through the regional path system, providing easy access to one of the most unique ecosystems in Calgary.

Acres of Green Space

True sustainability

Smart urban planning leverages available light, minimizes pedestrian exposure to cold wind, recirculates warmth and maximizes exposure to fresh air in summer. Environmental impact is minimized in every planning decision making carbon-neutral transportation options like walking and biking pleasant experiences. Many buildings are LEED ® certified. Public transportation is easily accessible from all points within Currie.

Leed ®Certified
Accessible Transit

Density without discomfort

Currie solves the challenge of more people in less space. Diversity of amenities, work opportunities, resources and green space exist here. This virtually eliminates commuting and provides more time for exercise, social interaction and personal growth.